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Roommate Contract

We have signed a lease/rental agreement for (address) on this (day) of (month), (year). We hope to make certain that all roommates will share all responsibilities of renting equally. Therefore we have prepared and are signing this document.


The Roommates sharing the address above are: _________________________ and _________________________ .


This agreement shall remain in effect from (date) to (date).

If for any reason a roommate would move out before the date shown, under the lease agreement, the departing roommate will be held responsible until a replacement is found. If a substitute roommate is found, the remaining roommate(s) must approve him/her. The departing roommate should notify the landlord as well as the other roommates within 30 days so that proper arrangements can be made for legal vacating of the rented property. The roommate who is leaving is still obligated to the landlord by the terms of the lease.


The roommates have paid a security deposit of $ each. Each roommate will received his/her portion from the landlord at the end of tenancy. Each roommate is responsible for their share of the charges associated with damages.


Each roommate shall pay the following amount of rent: (amounts may differ, list all rates.) The rent shall be paid by the correct due date of each month.


If pets are permitted under the lease, each pet owner shall be responsible for all damages caused by his/her pet. This includes damage to furniture, carpeting, doors, lawn and garden. All residents must agree to have a pet in the unit.

Household Supplies:

The supplies include such things as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dish detergent, foil, plastic trash bags, and any other goods needed for the home which will be shared by ALL roommates. The cost will be divided as follows:

Kitchen Use and Clean-Up All roommates shall share food expenses evenly. Preparation of meals shall be determined by an attached schedule, which can be flexible. OR

Food is to be bought by each roommate. There is to be no borrowing of food without prior approval. A separate space will be provided for each person(s) groceries.


Each roommate agrees to do his/her own dishes and empty the trash as needed. A schedule of kitchen clean up may be attached which should include cleaning the refrigerator, oven and mopping the floors.


Each roommate has the responsibility of paying his or her correct portion of the bills to the person whose name is on each utility. This should be done in a timely manner so the bill may be paid before the due date. The responsible party of each bill will determine the amount owed by each roommate, collect the amount, and pay the payment before the due date.

The attached schedule has been developed to assign each roommate the responsibility of collecting and payment of the bills.

Optional Areas of Agreement (Common Problem Areas):

Personal Property:

All roommates agree to refrain from borrowing roommate´s personal goods, without prior approval. Exceptions to this should be clearly stated, with the roommate´s reserving the right to change their minds about the sharing of items. If damage is done to personal property, the roommate responsible for the damage will be held liable.

Cleaning and Yard Work: All roommates agree to share the responsibilities of cleaning and maintenance of the premises. This includes dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and yard work.

The roommates have decided to develop a schedule, which is attached, telling when each roommate will complete the above jobs.


The roommates will each work together one day a week to complete the above jobs. Additional terms and agreements: In addition to the items mentioned above, the following items have been known to cause conflict between roommates. If you foresee any of these as a problem, write out any additional agreements and attach Use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs Keys Clean Up after parties Parking Quiet hours for studying and sleeping Behavior of guests Overnight guests Compliance with unit rules Use of stereos and CD´s Electrical Equipment Use.




Date: ________________________

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