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So you need to sell your home and you need it sold yesterday. Don't worry you are not alone. Everyday millions of people are in your same situation. This site is designed to explain to you the many solutions you may have.

The first thing to be aware of is timing. It is a known fact that the best time to sell your property is in the spring. This is the time where usually you will have the best luck getting your asking price and your property sold in a relatively short period of time.

You may be wondering how to figure out your asking price. You can do this by driving around your neighborhood and noting the asking price of property up for sale. From there you can get an idea of the average market price. Take your market price and minus about ten thousand below that value, this should be your asking price.

When you market your own property be prepared to negotiate your asking price. A good option to provide your buyer with is owner financing. This allows you the ability to make more than Fair Market Value on your property. By working with a contract buyer you can get cash at closing when you set up your financing correctly. You can also work with mortgage brokers to help you get your buyer approved for financing.

An important step in selling your property is to have a marketing plan. How are people going to know that your house is for sale? Why would they want to buy your property? How can you help them buy your property? When creating a marketing plan think from the buyers point of view. You can use yard signs, classified ads in the paper, flyers and marketing strategies to create: Attention-Desire- Action.

If you do not think that you will be able to sell your property yourself then you can always contact a realtor that will list and market your property on your behalf. Realtors also usually have experience in negotiating purchase terms, which in some cases is the hardest part of a property sale.

If you need to sell your home fast (in less then 2 months) then we highly recommend contacting a professional real estate investor. Click here to contact a real estate investor